Community Partners & Allies

Forest Restoration Advocates and Supporters

SOFRC works in close coordination with organizations and nonprofits that share our support for active restoration as described through the Rogue Basin Cohesive Forest Restoration Strategy:

Regional and National Partners

As a grassroots organization focused on southwest Oregon, we value our work with regional, state and national organizations that are located or focus their work within this region. The Rogue Forest partner organizations have worked closely with SOFRC on multiple projects and see this region as important for protection of wildlife, key habitats, extensive dry forest and oak forest restoration and special habitats.

Coalitions and Work Groups: Climate, Habitat and Community Protection

SOFRC regularly partners with local organizations in coalitions, work groups and topic focused activities to support forest restoration and sustainable economies and communities including:

Education and Workforce Development

SOFRC is building workforce capacity and supporting a vibrant community by developing forest and fire curricula designed to reach high school and community college students. Our partners include:

For more information on how you or your organization can get involved, please contact us or join our newsletter for project updates.