Organizational Timeline


Nonprofit Organized

SOFRC organizes as a 501c3, called the Southern Oregon Small Diameter Collaborative focused on land managed by the Medford District Bureau of Land Management and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


Productive Harmony Guidelines

The Collaborative works with diverse stakeholders to advance restoration to create the Productive Harmony Guidelines, a set of ecological, social, and economic indicators for agencies and stakeholders to consult in project planning to achieve on the ground success. Download the Guidelines >>>


Ecological Forestry

BLM’s Joe Secretarial Pilot and the Friese Camp Ecological Forestry Project successfully demonstrate SOFRC’s instrumental role in advancing regional landscape assessments and building support for restoration.


Rogue Basin Strategy published

SOFRC launches its all-hands, all-lands strategy, a collaborative product that emerged from a partnership with the Model Forest Policy Program and the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest. The formal name: The Rogue Basin Action Plan for Resilient Watersheds and Forests in a Changing Climate.


Ecological Restoration Focus

After the publication of the RBS, SOFRC, and partners won grants totaling $6M to fund restoration projects on 6,100 acres of public and private lands in the Rogue Basin. SOFRC helps form and coordinate Rogue Forest Partners.


Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration

SOFRC and the Rogue Forest Partners complete a 10-year, $39 million nationally competitive Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project Proposal and are successfully recommended for funding.



All six projects funded by $6M in grants will be completed over five years, projects that span BLM, USFS, and private forests in the Applegate and Illinois Valleys, Stella, Salt Creek, Briggs, and Williams. The Rogue Basin CFLR project will begin in 2022 on USFS lands.