Darren Borgias, Southwest Oregon Conservation Director for The Nature Conservancy, has worked in the region since 1987. His forest restoration involvement is grounded in a perspective clarified by co-authoring the Klamath Mountains Ecoregional Assessment and assisting on the LANDFIRE program. He collaborated on the City of Ashland Community Alternative for the USFS Ashland Forest Resiliency Stewardship Project, and guides the Conservancy’s partnership role in design, multi-party monitoring, community engagement, and supporting a cross-boundary all-lands approach. He convenes the Rogue Basin Fire Learning Network, through which Applegate community members articulate measures and mapped local societal values concerning forest restoration. He also collaborates on the Applegate Fuels Demonstration. Darren and his team successfully pursued grants to research regional historical forest references to inform restoration. Darren continues to oversee Conservancy partnerships on the Table Rocks and other natural areas, providing conservation planning, technical restoration assessments, and management plans. Darren has published articles on the ecology and botany of Southern Oregon, and also published a biography of C.B. Watson, southern Oregon’s first conservationist. Darren’s appreciation of forest management dates back to work on the family woodlot, forestry training received in high school, and work as a fire-fighter for the Washington Department of Natural Resources. He earned both his B.S. and M.S degrees in biology and ecology at Western Washington University, and conducted thesis research on spruce-fir forest ecology in the northeastern Cascades. Darren and his wife Gaia live in Ashland, where they raised two children.