People and Ecosystems of the Rogue Basin


The Rogue Basin is valued for a wide array of benefits received from nature. Credit: Gwyn Myer

The Rogue Basin is a diverse ecological, social and political landscape of importance to a wide range of stakeholders. The Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative has partnered with several organizations, such as Defenders of Wildlife, The Institute for Natural Resources, The Pacific Northwest Forest Service Research Station, The Freshwater Trust, ECONorthwest, and others in an effort to gather broad information relevant to land management on the ecological values, economic values, and social values of nature in the Rogue Basin. In July, 2014, a workshop was held at the Interagency Office in Medford, Oregon. Communities, non-governmental and conservation organizations, federal land management agencies, and interest groups were brought together to discuss the complex and compelling challenge to address their varied goals while sustaining one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. For more information on this project and for a link to the presentations from the workshop, please visit